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At Derma One, we believe great skin expertise has the power to transform not just how you look but how you feel. Over the years, we’ve successfully diagnosed and treated all kinds of skin diseases like Acne, Psoriasis and Alopecia as well as nail problems and skin cancer screenings. If you are facing any skin condition, book a consultation with one of our dermatologists today.

A dermatologist is the most specialized doctor to deal with all skin issues. At Derma One we are here for you whatever your concern.

Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

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A common skin disease that causes red scaly skin, blackheads, whiteheads, pinheads, nodules, pimples and even scarring. It can also lead to social anxiety. Stress, climatic changes, genetics and a rise in Androgen levels are all typical triggers. Every skin is different and at Derma One, we have a range of treatments and solutions to suit everyone.

Nail Diseases

Nails are an extension of your skin and they can often show symptoms of ill health and other medical conditions. If your nails are showing any signs of infection or inflammation, you may require medical assistance to diagnose and treat the issue


A common, chronic and autoimmune skin condition that often comes and goes in cycles or seasons. The symptoms can be different for everyone and can include dry, red scaly patches, papules, and plaques that are often itchy. The skin lesions caused by Psoriasis can manifest themselves in small patches on the skin or cover the entire body and can feel distressing. If your skin is showing signs of Psoriasis, consult one of our dermatologists today.

Skin Infections

Your skin is your first defense against germs but it is also vulnerable to its own infections. These can be fungal, bacterial or parasitic and you must seek medical advice immediately.

Skin Cancer

Cancer of any form can be a traumatic experience for both the patient and the family. As one of the most common cancers, Skin Cancer is often easy to spot and can be curable if you treat it before it spreads. A slow-growing bump, a changing mole or even a dry and scaly patch can be a very telling sign. If you have any concerns, book a consultation with our dermatologist, even if it’s just for your peace of mind.


Affecting children and adults alike, Eczema is a skin inflammation that can cause a lot of discomfort. Symptoms can include itchy, red vesicular, weeping and crusting patches on the skin. Finding the right treatment for you or your child should always be your priority.


If you blush easily, chances are, it may not be your shyness but a sign of Rosacea. This chronic skin condition can affect adults or children, male or females alike and can also affect your eyes. Lack of proper treatment can only worsen the condition over time.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common condition that can affect both your head or body and can often lead to a loss of confidence. Baldness can occur naturally but some types of baldness can also be caused by other conditions such as Alopecia Areata. Common causes of hair loss also include vitamins and iron deficiencies, Thyroid disorders and others.