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At DermaOne, we believe that everyone who walks through our door should first be treated with a smile. You are our priority and we will always bring you in-depth knowledge, experience and skill across our entire range of medical, cosmetic, surgical, laser and spa treatments.

Dr. Nedhal A. Rahman Khalifa

Consultant Dermatologist at Derma One

With experience and expertise from around the world, Dr. Nedhal Khalifa is a leading Bahraini Dermatologist and a name you can count on.

To add to her list of qualifications, Dr. Nedhal has several firsts to her name including the first to use Biological Therapy in Bahrain and the first to organize a dedicated forum of Psoriasis: Bahrain Dermatology Forums 1 & 2. Today, Dr. Nedhal Khalifa is a key voice of several dermatological forums, conferences and international advisory boards.

Dr. Sadiq Abdulla

M.B.Ch.B, CABS, FRCS, MSc Consultant Vascular & Transplant Surgeon

Following medical school at Al Mustansiriya Medical College in Baghdad, Dr. Abdulla specialised in Vascular, Thoracic & Kidney Transplant Surgery in London. He studied under the tutelage of renowned surgeons such as Prof. Kevin Burnand, Prof. Crawford Jamison, Mr. Peter Goldstrow, Mr. John Wright and Prof. Chris Rudge.

Our team

All our skin specialists are trained on a critical skill: Listening. Even with over 100 years of combined professional experience, we’re still curious. Not just about new cures and the latest techniques in the world of dermatology, but about you. We’re curious to listen to more about your lifestyle, your concerns and your needs. Because the better we listen, the better your skin gets.

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At Derma One, we’re constantly looking out not just for the most effective treatments, but also for the most effective people. Send us your application and get ready to join one of the fastest growing teams of skin specialists in Bahrain.

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